Biewer Breed Club of America (BBCA)

The Biewer Breed Club of America, Inc. (BBCA) is a national group of dog fanciers that have joined together to preserve, protect, and promote purebred Biewers, breeding only Biewer to Biewer. Our goal is to guide our breeders in the development of healthy, show quality puppies based on the original Standard set forth by Mr. and Mrs. Biewer. The BBCA provides education to the public and continues to seek breed recognition with national and international organizations around the dog world. The BBCA is the only American club that has bred Biewer to Biewer exclusively since the clubs inception. Our primary focus is the further development of the purebred Biewer. Our breeders do not cross breed their dogs with Yorkshire Terriers or parti-colored Yorkshire Terriers, nor do we condone these breedings. With this philosophy, we proudly remain true to the founder’s long term goal regarding this exquisite breed. While their ancestry began with German Yorkshire Terrier bloodlines, there are speculations that other breeds were introduced. No matter what their beginning, it is through select Biewer to Biewer breeding that has established the Biewer as a breed of its own.

Through the developing stages of the purebred Biewer, there has been some concern and controversy over Biewer to Biewer litters that have produced “off colored” puppies. These pups either have black missing, resulting in gold/white coloring (called Gold Dust), or they have brown caramel coloring in place of the black/blue (called Biro). The BBCA was founded on the premise of adhering strictly to the Standard that was created upon the development of the breed; therefore, these puppies/dogs must be treated as Biewers with color faults. Puppies with this type of fault should not reproduce. As we breed only the most excellent examples of the breed, we will strengthen and improve the lines we were entrusted with. We must use caution as we continue, keeping our focus on the Standard, as we select what’s best for their future. As the leading National Biewer Breed Club, the BBCA has a responsibility to educate the public about the breed as we continue to preserve, protect, and promote the purebred Biewer. Through seminars, research, conformation events, agility, obedience, and pet therapy, our members have accomplished this goal with steadfast perseverance. Working in conjunction with BBIR, BBCA breeders use DNA profile certification of breeding pairs to preserve the gene pool. Our breeders follow strict guidelines in order to optimize the health of the breed, promoting only the best specimens for reproduction. Moving forward, we will continue to advance the breed, working with Rare Breed Clubs and other organizations that share our philosophy.


Presidential Adviser: Mrs. Theresa Perry
4571 Douglas Rd, Ida, Michigan, 48140/USA